You Never Said Goodbye

A burn that stings without tears, yet I make them cry
I make them cry, to ease the pain
The pain, that lives inside it eats emotion
The emotion that controls my every breath in life
In life, where all I can think of is you

I wake with the thought of when
When will I see
See the smile on your face as true is truth
The truth, that you don’t see me
The me that wants you badly
Badly so that I wish to die instead
Instead I watch you smile for someone else

When smoke gets in my eyes
With a stench of breath that makes me sick
Sick with nausea from cheap ass whiskey
Oh whiskey girl I still get drunk on you
You started a flame that’s been burning hot
Hotter than molten lava that spews from the ground
The ground red from the footsteps I take wandering
Wandering around and around where he stops
He stops to think and think he does
How can I go on like this

When smoke gets in my eyes
It masks the light to hide the dark
A dark that is plainly seen because of you
You float on by and by you do
You do see me, don’t you?
I guess you don’t
You never said goodbye


35 thoughts on “You Never Said Goodbye

  1. heartbreak fucking blows, people suck. can really feel the emotion and relate here. it’s funny how therapeutic writing goodbye can be though. although, i suppose writing from pain is sometimes rewarding. there is an intensity with it that translates well through your words

      1. oh the limitations of wordpress lol you didn’t miss much, not compared to how busy you’ve been that’s for sure! thanks for the re-follow πŸ™‚

  2. I felt the heartache. πŸ’”β€οΈ I saw your comment to Jennifer.. Any woman that would let you get away is fucking crazy! Count your blessings, you don’t want a crazy girl! ;). Always can feel such emotion with your words. ❀️

  3. Reblogged this on Just a Girl Lost 2 and commented:
    Love lost hurts, and when there is the added pain of no goodbye, no closure of the wound, it is a bitter winter of heart. Here is a most touching and beautiful poem about the pain of unspoken words by an amazing poet and favorite of mine, Persoinpoesia2015

      1. Let my words, uttered thoughtlessly, be erased – it’s 3.28am, a glass of wine late at night during the week loosens my tongue, and *not* in a good way – still, she should have said goodbye πŸ™‚

  4. This is lovely and raw. Lots of emotion here. (this may be silly, but are you Ax as in Ax or is it A for Antony and an x for a kiss?)

    1. lol, the latter. Ax has nothing to do with a hatchet, the x means hug (thats what I intended, I thought o is a kiss ugh!!, I think I should stick to the hatchet lol) Thanks for liking the poem though. means a lot
      Ax lol

      1. Well, you’ve been kissing everyone, A! I hope you have good chapstick! πŸ˜‰ And maybe some zinc for the cold you’re bound to get…

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