Ready To Burn

When I saw her standing there, I fell.
And when she moved, the blood rushed to my head.
It didn’t take any time for me to know, what she tried to show my soul.
The desire in those eyes that lit the air afire.
With every gulp inhaled, it burned.
It burned with a want inside that ached to be released.
With cries, my lungs expelled, shot out like dragons breath.
Flames as hot as the sun and red, red the colour of hell.
Her stride, hypnotized.
Her curves, swerved.
She stroked the strings attached to my heart.
It pulled to the left and followed every step.
Leading to the dark where light is consumed.
My eyes, these eyes were lost, now found, in the lair of doom, presumed.
She hummed a tune, with a pied pipers tool.
It floated in my head and swirled around like smoke.
Over a boiling cauldron of spells that calls out my name and says…
Welcome to Death.
My eyes, these eyes that shed no tears, started to cry.
A lifetime of guesses, over, would it be, heaven or hell.
No flip of a coin, no lottery to play.
The end is here, now, today.
Compelled to turn around and face the life left behind.
My eyes, these eyes closed for the very last time.
With a final breath, words slowly slurred…
Thank you, for all the hard lessons learned.
Now am ready to take on the devil and all he can burn.


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