I’ll close my eyes for the very last time
Thinking of you and the loss of love that’s gone by

I promise to live my life full and complete
To laugh, to love, to even walk on grass, bare feet

To feel the world spinning, like a merry-go-round
Getting dizzy, however sad some days, I am found

I promise you this, before my final breath
The heart I’ve loved so deeply to death

I promise my love will always be true
Never to be shared with any other but you

I close my eyes for the very last time
As streams of light go whizzing by

With a glowing point deep into the abyss of space
It calls to me in a silent embrace

All around me the peaceful freedom of a love on fire
The moment of time has finally come filling my heart’s desire

I tried to keep all those promises made with my final breath
Igniting my journey, sparked by the last beat of a hearts wealth