A Kiss


a kiss
a sweetness that we all posses
it can turn one into a mess
when the must have outweighs the not, we confess

a kiss
it makes the hurt disappear
a tear wiped clear
a smile appear

a kiss
says goodbye and hello
it’s sublime to know
where there is one, the other will follow

a kiss
can miss, the desire to kiss
to feel the need, the want, the bliss
to give and receive a kiss, like this

a kiss
when given, it touches the soul
it makes the heart whole
turns the rock into roll

a kiss
is a song that tingles the hair
makes it stand in air
weakening the knees, nothing can compare

a kiss
when it smacks, it smacks hard
it takes the breath, dropping the guard
a memory, left scarred

a kiss
is this
a kiss
like this



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