Rise Child Rise

A crack left open, barely enough for air to pass,
with words that fall bitter from ill witted halfwits.

Penetrating and soaking it falls and lands upon a fragile soul,
beaten, cast aside and ignored.

Pain so intense, that tears fall up to greet the rain,
when down it pours an overflowing drain that floods and stains.

A heart weakened from bitterness and scorn pumping bile through its veins,
with every breath inhaled another ounce of life is lost when exhaled.

In desperate prayer, in fetal curl,
silently crying out, tears that reign.

A light appears, a beacon signal whispers, reciting prayers of salve,
rise child rise for you are loved.

Feast upon the light that shines, cast out the demon seed that lives inside,
rise child rise for you are loved.

Eyes lay sunken, over hollowed cheeks, lips pale, cracked with sores,
a skeleton draped in flesh, slain by neglect.

A lifeless vessel left to rot and stained by tears that rain,
rise child rise for you are loved.

No more pain, no more tears that reign,
rise child rise for you are loved.


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