Woman i/v by Ax

I usually have things to say but am lost here. So please read this post from TiffanyBeingFree. My poem is a small bit to her strength as a woman.
Please visit her and if you are not following, please do. A talented artist in her own right with a beautiful soul.

Thank you Tiffany for this honour

unfiltered from the heart

TheLaw of Attraction basically states we are magnets for the energy that we knowingly or unknowingly project out into the world. So by our wounds we attract those with similar wounds or through our ascension/healing, we attract to us those on a similar path. What we see is a reflection of ourselves.

In this post, that I hope to make a series, I look at how the wonderful β€œWoman v” series by the eloquent poet Ax exemplifies the Law of Attraction in relationships.

Woman i/v
by Ax
[please share love for his work directly to his site & check out hisamazing series]

I can draw your lines by heart,
the flow from ink that bleeds,
from the cuts across my wrists,
drips along my fingers,
as they press,
shaping your,

Stars like crystal hovers above,
twinkles that fade in your presence ,
the shine in your eyes glitter,

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4 thoughts on “Woman i/v by Ax

  1. Your poem beautiful, her interpretation beautiful, together a glorious work of art. So fun to watch two talents come together in such a complimentary way. 😊

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