It hugs back, when it’s tightened
Till death do us part, like marriage
It’s woven so taut, it can pull the moon
Attached to hearts, it can strum a tune
Music from a harp or pain from love
It holds things down and secure
It can shackle an animal, beast or man
A super invention, without an end in time
A rope can save a life
Tossed to a drowning man
Climb up a dark hole
Or down from a burning fire
Attached to a paratroopers back
A life line that cradles safely to land
Oh, but a rope can play
Wound around by a Shibari Master
Or tight to bedposts, covered in satin
The possibilities are endless for Rope
There is, one use for this strand of fiber
Twisted and twirled and muscled
Looped with a self made latch, that tightens when pulled
Dangles freely from a sturdy limb, about ten feet high
Until the noose is found, around a dead mans neck
In wait, until the final breath


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