Happy and Free

With just the right amount, the heart can make us see
Past the walls that confine you and me
To a world unknown, majestic and free
Yet a heart trapped in glass can never be

Let it bleed from the spout
Let it live, day in, day out
Raise our heads and with might, shout
Shout out what we’re fuming about

This time is too short to let it slip by
Look’em straight in the eye
And give them a piece of your pie
Good or bad it doesn’t matter as long as you try

I can see the stars at night
I imagine them sparkling so bright
I wish, wishes were true to right
All the wrongs that have crossed my sight

I can see the moon shinning on the sea
The sounds of the waves, calling me
To step outside my door and greet thee
All the other hearts roaming outside happy and free


5 thoughts on “Happy and Free

  1. Free.. The mind builds cages that the spirit breaks down. Freedom to roam without cause.. Thank you for this beautiful read. ♣

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