The Very Thing I Want Scares Me

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unfiltered from the heart

The very thing I want,
to me is so fucking scary.

To breathe life into something that is bigger than me.
To be valued &to value someone that is True.
To be truly held &to hold truly.
To be told & to tell Him there is more to do to be better; yet to be Loved and to Love for who We are right now; today; in this moment.

To be held & to hold within sacred heart spaces; Our most protected places.
To be naked before Him & to see His matched vulnerability; yet each to be venerated for it.
To be treasured and to treasure the very things for which We were previously shunned.
To be fully trusted & to fully trust.
To be desiredfor & to desirefor a special man; one matched & balanced flame. No shame, no blame.

These desires bring flowing tears to my eyes.

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