His letters penned, with quill dipped in his blood
On parchment found, his voice, calling out loud
A fellow starseed, lost within the crowd
Yearning for a life sign, a sprouting bud
Slowly emerging; clearing away mud
Echoes in time; far away places laud
Calls from a distance the horizon heard
Reaching, growing, towards her voice to hold

Misery begets, from birth, to hide from loss
A place not home, tis true, the mind forgot
But for the silence of a bridge to cross
Sins’ weigh heavy from whom he was begot
Once releasing the weight of all their dross
Freeing him to fly, time to claim his lot

written in colaboration by
Tiffany and Ax


Tiffany, thank you for your trust in using a sonnet for part ii, you said it was out of your comfort zone, it was also out of mine. This is my first sonnet and I got to share it with you. Looking forward to part iii 

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The following video enlightened my inner being, I personally have checked off many of the charateristics shared here and I truly believe I have been found. If you care to, please watch the video with an open mind.
starseed characteristics ~ Anna Starseed


Our Lady Peace ~ Starseed