starseeds iv (erotic duet)

This series just gets better, I hope you all think so.
Please visit Tiffany if you haven’t already. She’s the bomb.

unfiltered from the heart

part iv of the starseeds duet series,
a collaboration between Ax of Perso~in~Poesia& Tiffany.
in swirls of bliss,
the two finally kiss,
eyes locking, wantonly,
lips meeting, passionately,
finding new ways to display
the gratitude in their meeting.
in deepest throes,
releasing all their woes,
a kiss runs long as tongues dance
the embrace of a lifetime in wait
his rise, calls to her eyes
together taking their souls up high
in response to his rise
heat radiates from her thighs
her scent for him all sins repented
desire for the union of his hardness
melding with the folds of her softness
brings a deepening of the lovers embrace
in his arms she melts
wrapping her legs that lock
around his waist, he rocks
pushing up into her, his cock
sending bursts of heavenly stars
with each thrust, farther in lust
in trust, her feelings extend

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12 thoughts on “starseeds iv (erotic duet)

  1. You guys literally brought tears to these brown orbs with this one. So very moving. I’m so glad you are in my life.

    1. Sweet Rita, I am so glad you are in my life! Need to find a course in Colorado to take so I can meet ya! =) Glad you liked this one. I’m just going to say, though, that v is proving to be even more powerful. (i didn’t think it was possible…). xoxo (etheric kisses, of course!)

  2. Ax, I’ve really enjoyed this exploration with you. Thank you for trusting me with the topic and even more so with iii. Loving the unfolding and the new boundaries. It’s Brel lovely and am excited to see v… ❀️ Cara

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