I Planted Seeds Today

I planted seeds today
I know not, what may come
Pushed the dirt aside
Used a finger poking wide
Dropped them in and covered
Sat, then wondered

Will it grow to flower
Vines that twist and tower
Sprouting delicate petals
Off stems of thorns and nettles
Setting off a fragrance
In suns sacred radiance

Will it grow beneath the soil
A kind of root one must toil
Potatoes or carrots for a stew
Possibly Mandrake-Root used in witches brew
Filling bellies of comfort food
Or fill the mind in a magical mood

Will it grow thick and green
Taking its time to be seen
Taller and taller until it becomes a tree
To share its gift for free
So I can suck and feed on fruit it made
Below branches and leaves in its cool shade

I planted seeds today
I know not, what may come
I’ll give it water to drink each day
And shoo any harmful critters away
I’ll give it love to grow
My word, my bond, I owe


12 thoughts on “I Planted Seeds Today

      1. Not with your poetry, Ax. Your words carry great power through the ethers. Through your words, I (and others) can feel you. Your garden springs from the words you set on the breeze. ❀️ Cara

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