Soared, Into The Wild

Where walls, dimly lit through hallways lay in sleep
The lockers lined all shut tight for the night
Drifting alone in a friendless place like home
Echoes of breaths, float in the air, a stagnant roam

It breaks at a sound of a crying dove
Caged and forgotten, lacking a love
The tears of a pain so grand it flows
Drowning the lungs, suffering, it froze

The word, Why, is constantly whispered
Between gulps of finding his composure
Mere inches away, separated by a door
Pressing to hear more

His beautiful tears shed the last of his spirit
Silence came in an instant
Breath holding

A shattered door now lay broken next to his body
Give life another chance
Wings spread, onyx black and it shined for him

The feathers waved as if a gush of wind came
It caressed the heart of this dying boy
As he lay motionless at the feet of Death himself
His angel raised a sword and followed through

Cut Death to the quick and yelled
This Boy Is Not For You
Into his arms he held this child
And soared into the wild


Sketch by Young Demon at deviantart

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