Beat by Beat

The vibe in my head is a, spinning wheel she said
Welcome to the jungle, primal innocence is blissful
Grass burning, mind floating
Big wheel keep on turning

Sound all around and amplified, together they collide
Mash up, crash up
Fill a bong, pass along
Play another Pink Floyd song

Sitting on the floor, whiskey to pour
Room full of squatters, lined up shooters
Sipping ale, spinning tales, make it a whale

We are but travelers passing by as real life actors
Giving lessons, perhaps finding answers to questions

What we get is a moment, however brief and transient
Dare it be a pleasure
Bringing joy and laughter

Strangers from afar, imagine if, from another star
Yet how at ease we are to touch the heart in such a way
To become in tune to another’s sway

Regardless of the booze and drugs
Take it as a portal to release the plugs
Everyone you meet, a brother, a sister we should greet
Let it take you, beat by beat


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