in a moment of thanks

My eyes look out amazed, at a sight that truly is phenomenal
With earth beneath my feet, giving balance to my soul, I am humbled
The trembles that vibrate, through my limbs from the ground that bears life
The air that I breathe filling my lungs cool, crystal clear
Creating the sighs that I moan from living in this world
The pain that I’ve suffered through the years, shedding so many tears
All wiped, when I see the beauty that beholds me dear
The sounds of the oceans as it creeps upon the shore
Seagulls in the distance diving for a meal, blessed by Poseidon
The sun setting on the horizon bidding goodnight with its sweet warm kiss
Leaving trails of its lips across the sky in fiery colours that entice the eyes
Left to cry, in a moment of thanks, for being alive


6 thoughts on “in a moment of thanks

  1. Antony, this is so beautiful on so many levels. It makes my heart smile that you are feeling grateful for being alive, even bringing a few tears to my eyes. If you could see through the eyes of your followers the beauty that is your soul, you would be in awe! Hugs and Love from afar, yet closeby, Cara

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