Sweet Dreams 

Darkness hovers with but a few starburst speckles
Leaves that hang, their veined flesh dripping rain
It’s purpose to quench the earths dryness wet
When a quiet stills most of night
Drops like beats, the sounds of life
To dreams that manifest until dawn
Captured from moments that have passed
Laughing angels innocent and true
To sobbing hearts guilty and blue
All the hopes and fears lived that day
For me in sleep there is no peaceful sway
The waves come crashing
Slamming against my head
Taking pieces with it and sinking deep into the abyss
Sleep I crave to rest my mind
Yet in sleep the impossible thoughts survive
So awake I sit from fear of dreams
Awake I sit waiting for light to appear
Good night I say to those who sleep
Sweet dreams, I pray, for you to keep


hi everyone. so I did it. i joined another social site. twitter…ha, gonna checkmit out and see what the fuss is about. if youre on, come say hi. im still trying to figure it out. how to navigate it. @PersoInPoesia

Peace and Love to all


11 thoughts on “Sweet Dreams 

  1. Antony, this one gives me goosebumps to read. You have a talent for using words that are beautiful, while you describe your pain. It’s quite a lovely way to express yourself in this way. Hugs, Cara

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