Vile ~ warning: theme is disturbing

An intoxicating fragrance occurs in the heat of passion
It swells the senses, driving mad, endorphins
To the point where passion becomes poison

Bottled up, deep within the centre of the core
Lined and draped by bones and flesh
The beast that lives inside, comes out a wilde boar

Charging hard with razor sharp tusks, low to the ground
That would rise, to cut down
To hold in its grasp and take a flower before its bloom

Unlike a force of nature that can devastate
This is an act so vile, death turns its back
That it would allow a life, to live in pain and hate

The touches would be hard and hurtful
Weight would be crushing breath from lungs
Inhaling, nearly impossible

Penetration ignites a fire that burns
Sending bolts of lightning down the legs
The throat choked by a hand of horns

Vile, is the stench of possession against a will
The killing of a soul with a right to live
Left in a life where time stands still

Forever trapped in fear
A rape that replays every day
Leaving a trail, of a single tear


i cant write my story but its a similar feeling to this poem. at 16 I was and it haunts till today. never goes away.
End The Violence In Any Gender
Peace and Love

11 thoughts on “Vile ~ warning: theme is disturbing

  1. Thank-you for this. I was hesitant to read after your warning, which is well warranted, but this needed to come out into the world. The way you have described it is truly incredible, though sad, it puts a new perspective on it for me. Xx to you.

  2. (((Hugs))) You are strong, brave and loved by many here including me for all that you bring. And if you show an ounce of that huge beating heart and compassion to others in your daily routine then I’m certain others can’t help but loving you. Time heals, but the pain always remains as a reminder of what was overcome to help us carry on. Lastly, you’re a freaking rockstar poet in my book! πŸ’œ

  3. I’m impressed by your strength, Antony. This is not an easy topic in any way to discuss. Even death turns away. Love to you today and everyday, I can relate in many ways. Love, Cara

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