Grey   ~   i /v 

These things will slowly kill me yet
That’s a bet you can take to the bank
How many other fucking cliches can there be
About all that harms me
As a little boy I’ve sucked lolly pops
And jerked off till it popped
What little boys do when there’s nothing else
Better than getting beaten up by a man called father
Year after year in the month of June
Praise be given to the hand that rocked the cradle
Happy day sung in songs by little children in schools
Where they’re taught the steps of life by fools
Trapped by a government on what’s right and wrong
Blind to a boy who suffers being alive
How can he learn his abc’s
When his heart is deaf from tragedies
Living in lies, fueled by pain
Sharing the same grey as Eeyore
As sweet as Poo is, he’s a pain in the ass
Living in storybook lessons
Where real life lessens 
Lost in the grey that’s the in-between



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