Grey ~ ii/v

Step over step a daily journey
A zig zag of lines littered with trash
Along the way, temptation beckons
Doorways chiseled beautifully right
A puzzle of what’s inside
Could it be a prestigious club
Of high rollers and their wad of money
Bets on the side watching modern day gladiators
Two women fucking on a lighted stage
Men with keys to rooms waiting to breathe
Two drink minimum so says The King
His rules of how to play in The Dungeon
Enters The Mistress as all eyes lower
In prayer, that She chooses their hide to tear
Doorways chiseled beautifully right
A puzzle of what’s to be found
Follow the rules
Keep a civil tongue
And you just might
Be let inside
Placed under Her heel
A grace, every sub would heed
Receiving a benediction
In contrast of a contradiction
Paddles and whips would be flung
Waiting for the pièce de résistance
She will straddle to instensify
Her now moist and acheing pussy
Hard he would be, in honour of the Queen
Guided by a will, Her’s not his
Penetrating deep, as slow as can be
Savoring every inch of Her little bitch
Her hips rock back and forth
Her diaphram tightens controlling
The girth of a cock, pulsating
With one quick thrust, a sheen appears
A flash of light is reflected, causing tears
The metal gleams, the razors edge screams
With each repeating thrust
The edge glides, cooing as a summer thrush
Songbird, singing in the dead of night
As blood trickles from a slice
X’s and O’s sketched on his flesh
The moment of bliss begets
The pounding erupts as She rises and falls
On a downward flow, Mistress moans
his ears perk up like a little sweet puppy
Pleasing Her and making happy
The climax, it soars
Vibrating every nerve in the solar system
The orgasm, it floods
As if the ocean rose to cover the earth
Swirling sensations, electrifying the senses
From taste to touch
From smell and sight
To the sound of a stillness when Mistress comes


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