Quietly yielding in silence
The softness of her breath entices

Pearly buds, swell to ripen
Licking lips that draws a taste to liken

Reflective image off a silver screen
A cinematic exposure of a erotic scene

Twirling fingers, slide and roll
The flesh around a dripping wet hole

Dipping in, to coat in a sticky film
Spreading the joy, lubricating the rim

Back and forth, the intensity quickens
Slamming hard with multiple digits

The urge in me grows impatient
Arm chair quarterback, cheering on the formation

Waving banners and a foamy No.1 hand that twirls
Chanting, “we are the champions, of the world”

Driving to the line in the final seconds
Diving into the end-zone, a mark of legends

A score on the board flashing, around
A fan in the room yells, touchdown!

She does a shimmy shake
Her body vibrates

Spasm after spasm
One glory of an orgasm


don’t know about you but watching is pretty intense