the misty night cools the air
it fills with desire, a fire that conspires
the thought of carnal lust, a warmth it starts
dances beneath the moon, the sound of a loon, croons

Flooded by candles and moonlights glow
Shadow movements fill the room
Waves on walls dance to a tune
Silhouettes of two, making love as one

The heat of the night, ignites
Pushing the coolness to rise
Up it goes, as does she, against the wall
Spooning as they say, in a way, standing tall

Her forehead softly presses her shadow
His kisses trail, down her neck soft and slow
Sending shivers, that can spark lightning from clouds
To strike the ground and make it rumble, loud

With every bolt, that shoots from the sky
His thrusts penetrate going deep and high
Stretched up to stand on her toes
The arches set in a perfect pose

Hair tossled about covering her eyes
A veil made of silk, spun from a spiders spi*
Its venomous bite, laced with a lustful taste
It begins to rain, the drops land hard, in haste

Rounds and rounds, like a machinegun pounds
Vibrating a storm, that assalts to the core
Growing moans, echo the sex that is goung on
On and on and on, a war, worth fighting for

A battle between man and woman
To the victor, go the spoils
The one who orgasms first
Must serve the other, in bed

Thoughts exploding in his head
Caressing every inch of her flesh
Searching for the spot that can make her flop
Relinquishing control to her mouth

Falls to her knees, licking his belly
Her chin measures his shaft along her neck
Eyes wide, at the idea of deepthroating his cock
A spit on the tip and down she goes

Palms on the wall, embracing its support
As she sucks, slurps and jerks
She really wants it bad
That breakfast, served in bed