Strawberrys, Wine, Chilis and Honey

yours I say…
soft to touch
calls to kiss with a flick of tongue
satin sash to blacken light
where taste is now the only sight
sugar sweet
feeding strawberrys
creamy treat
all is nice
sensuous vice
pouring wine
intoxicating line
flowing wet
dripping pet
driving mad
so sad
nice is not
chili is hot
bucking hips
bed tips
is she coming?
not yet succumbing
screaming name
taking aim
lips meet to ease
the playful tease
kisses on kisses
sharing spicy blisses
hot, hot, hotter still
mouth to mouth saliva swill
tongues dance
a tangos trance
moving down chin
with a grin
licking his neck
purposeful trek
over pecks
biting his nipples they flex
her tongue glides
wet over belly slides
finding her way
in charge of play
going for the spout
where the honey comes out
lips that pucker and sucks
the head pops and bucks
spit and shine
drips divine
squirting juices
gushing fluids
soaked to the bone
convulsing moans
feeding on
and honey


9 and 1/2 Weeks a sexy, fun, sensuous scene

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