You Are Beautiful

Hush little one, don’t you cry
Forever is so far away
Don’t worry about it coming
Tomorrow is a new day

Afraid to leave the room that holds the secrets of my heart
Afraid I stay inside, when the world turns about
Spinning on its axis, rotating with a life force flow
These words wish to be heard through screens aglow
When darkness comes with a sound of silence
Where echoes are snuffed by its deathly radiance

At night, the dark, shines bright
A twilight zone, the door fades away, to light
A calling of my name, to music played
Drawing me to rise, floating into the outside
Struck by the sun it burns my alabaster skin
As it warms, it coats a body frail and thin

Sounds appear, filling my ear
Never before heard, a world as dear
Smiles exist, from faces looking up
Cheerful on the day, I stopped giving up
Venture on exploring
What once, was ignoring

Words appear, from my mouth
They travel from north to south
From eyes, a dark chocolate brown
To the soles of, Chuck Taylor All Stars
You Are Beautiful, was all I said
A roar, vibrated in my head

You Are Beautiful, I said again
And again, it came out plain
once more, You, Are, Beautiful
In a way, that is most unusual
Eyes reflecting back, they stare
Into the eyes of the same, from a mirrors glare


26 thoughts on “You Are Beautiful

      1. I had to do that everyday for a year to actually believe it (true story). It’s all good now β™₯ You always have my love and support. Hugs!

  1. I love this, it reflects your new path and journey. You are starting to awaken to your own beauty through the reflection of the eyes that see you. I can relate. Really beautiful, Antony! ❀️ Cara

      1. It also felt like a lullaby. I forgot to mention that. And I tried to think of a different word than beautiful; I failed. So it’s redundant to say, yet it’s accurate. This is beautiful! ❀️ Cara

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