For A Daisy, an Ode

The beginning of spring chirps in
By the sound of birds cooing, gleeful and cheerful
Their echoes in the morning, is the magical moment of rising
Pray we do, that the sun leads the way to a glorious day

To feel the warmth of its rays, caress the flesh, drawing smiles
A sign that blankets a meadow, left to right
Stems, stand tall, green with a will to thrive
Bursting a bulb the anticipation of the explosion

Days do pass, as do I, a field of white tiny specks
Like cotton, the colour of freshly fallen snow
Bright would be the day, you fully appear
I gaze across the meadow, and wallow

Petals stretching out like a compass
Pointing in every direction. a message?
Follow and rise with the sun, dip and dive with the moon
Stars circle around a planet caught in a system

Rotating round, spinning, keeping us planted sound
Gravity holding down, with life growing up
Like the daisy that comes wild from the ground
Plays a part, in a game, to influence destiny

Pulling its stem from its roots and begin to chant
She loves me; pluck, she loves me not; pluck
One by one, until the last one is pulled
Deciding the fate, of a choice one would make

How many loves have been found and lost
Over the plucking of a daisies petals
Depends, was it best; three out of five?
Oh daisy, this is an ode, to your life


10 thoughts on “For A Daisy, an Ode

  1. It’s funny, I was toying with the idea of writing an ode to a daisy a few weeks back…nothing came of it but you, my friend, have done a great job! xx

    1. You should still do it. Please. I love your style of poetry. It always has an edge sometimes comes across hard and bitter, sometimes classical and brilliant. Soft and sensuous. So diverse. I can picture it now. How a daisy is thought of as a weed to some. Fuck them. It’s a flower that’s grown from the ground without any help from man.

      Thank you for the visit today ma chere πŸ™β€οΈ

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