I Will Never Love, Love

I can feel the silkiness of her flowing hair
Wisps that tickles brushing my face

I can smell the fragrance her flesh fills the air
A tonic when inhaled, consumed by a potions grace

These words that escape the thought in me
Recites in verse, a song for her to hear
The aching feeling where a love hides in fear
To stumble and fall like a new born deer

I can taste the want, that a love could fill
It’s the impossible touch, the mind lives to thrill

Where temptation pulls on the strings of the heart
The weight of sorrow, to heavy for any angels wings
With all their sonnets swooning for a love that sings
A song, the lyrics, where loneliness still rings

I can hear the same angels crying as I grieve
For I will never love, love

I can see, that this, is all, make-believe
Wonder, if it’s worth speaking of


20 thoughts on “I Will Never Love, Love

    1. Hi M’Bliss. I need to catch up on your blog. Been in and out too long. Thank you for kind words. Look forward to the draft to appear 😊❀️

      1. No worries, you haven’t missed much. I didn’t plan on posting tonight but I just finished that draft up. Thanks for the inspirational push! 😊

  1. Antony, I can relate. Love can lift us up, at the same time it shows us where we are hurt, so we can lick and heal our wounds. It’s not easy to love, to trust, to open up, to allow ourselves to feel it all. It’s not an easy call to take. I can relate, to love is to also risk being filled with heartache. ❀️ Cara

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