Stays On

Shut the door
off to work
Coffee and bread
Grind the stone
Making calls
Thinking of her
Freezes the moment
Reality hits
Turn the wheel
Oil the gears
Filling up
Making quotas
Watching the clock
Time for lunch
Make a call
Checking in
Giving an order
Straight as an edge
Sharpe as a razor
Replies with
Yes Sir
All day long
On my mind
Sit through a meeting
Checking the lines
Sending replies
Sweeping delete
Filling the trash
5 o’clock comes
Rushing the door
Stop for milk
Pull in the drive
Step inside
Table a meal
Talk with the kids
Nurture their pains
What good parents do
Off to bed
Pearly whites
A prayer good night
Music on the play
Candles with a flickering sway
Scarlet red
Across the bed
Silky sheets
A crimson treat
Standing at the door
I speak
Toss the sheet
But the shoes
Stays on


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