Flips the lid
Spins the wheel
Makes a spark
That kisses fumes
The fuel ignites
A fire bright
It’s light aglow
From his lucky zippo

A drag
On a fag
Inhaling the cigarette lit
Head, slightly on a tilt
The brightness of fire creates a shadow
That comes into vision
With long flowing hair
Curves that are draped by hugging silk
It’s satiny sheen illuminates red
To the hem of a very short nighty
Stockings held above the knee
Platform heels, the kind strippers wear
Like exotic dancers who tease the boys
She twirls around, playing it coy
The confidence of a sparrow weaving through the air
Her beauty stuns the eyes in a wanting stare
Her invisible lasso collars a catch
Her pull into blisses snatch

Thumbing the cig
Flicking it out
Flips to the ground
Without a sound
Firefly ashes

6 thoughts on “Hallucinating 

    1. I missed this visit Serena. Damn idiot I am. Thank you. Means a lot that you dropped by. We should write sometime if you’d like. No pressure, I’m sure you are a busy lady. But if the whim ever appears. Consider me. 🙏❤️

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