imagine a vision, a beauty beyond compare
soft on her heels, an angels approach
a heaven sent gift, in the name of woman
the draw from her allure, is this hearts cure
her potion fills, it intoxicates the will
he must, muster up the courage, for passion to flourish

yet, with every fleeting moment he dispares
the thought of being loved by a lovely dove
tis the fear inside that chains his soul
kept at bay in a solitary way
the brain begs to leap but waits
for life to take his hand, oh heart

listen to the brain, usually it is he
who stumbles to a halt, preventing love to start
telling the heart as it beats faster to slow down
weighing the pros and cons, rights and wrongs
a rational approach to getting involved
where the heart just wants to fall, in love

constant reminders of brokens dreams
pulls on the heart that breaks the strings
falls to the ground, kneeling and praying
thinking rather than doing
allowing time to pass
he disappeared


this was written extremely high ha! if the flow sucks, grammmar sucks (usually does lol) i blame the weed. peace out. thank you all again for the love, means the world.
you guys fucking rock 😜

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  1. Well, for being high, it’s really good πŸ˜†…i am totally impressed! I was never able to think much high, hahaha…not exactly the enlightened type under the influence of anything…actually, quite the opposite, lol smart girl when sober, dumb blonde when not!

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