The Butler

Standing true and always dressed in black
Eyes all around and to the ground
Secrets that he is privileged to
Must never surface out of the blue
A compass reading every which way but loose
In service to country and a politicians coo
A shield to cover, the one with power
A frame of flesh and bone to take a bullet
A man who took an oath to God
A servant, who obeys, on command
Defeats and celebrations come and go
With a moment of gratitude in tow
The politician kisses him hard and slow
A Roman dinner bathed for three
As their mistress leads the way
To watch her men, fornicate
The butler assists in disrobing his master
It is part of the duty, after all
As their manly bodies crash with force
The shake, rattles the bed
Gridiron gladiators in a fiery ring
Limbs swing
Jiu jitsu moves to subdue
The arousal about to explode
Mouths now pressing
Hands caressing
Each, the others
In service to his master
He sucks his cock
As his mistress jerks him off
The politician and his lady stare
Into the glare of a sinister affair


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      1. That could be fun, I’ve never collaborated before so you’ll have to tell me how that might work. Meanwhile, scanning old journals for that poem…

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