Inside My Head ~ i /v

Always scheming,
at finding a way
To take from others,
who’ve worked for it every day

A devilish jokester,
with a jesters grin
A belly full of laughter,
with a touch of grim

Why so serious,
it’s just a game boo
Let’s play but he whispers
the jokes on you

Follow the trail
to where it may lead
Some call it a dream
where many bleed

G’man sits up top
looking down with a crop
Tap tap tapping
collecting taxes

High rise demons with money
paying off the government
Buying souls for the devil
burning trump hot, on pavement

A colourful strip
lays frame by frame
The ups and downs of life
a villain against a hero

The end of the game
comes with a grave
Ya might as well make it worth while
and live it up mother fuckers


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