Inside My Mind ~ ii/v

Dressed in flowing fabric
Black or white
The two together, never apart
It swings the mood
Left or right
To become what feels right
Days as one
Wishing to be the other
A boy with a cock
Who wishes he had a cunt
Bright and cool
As the coolest kids
Never a loner
He just has a boner
To put on dress
A gown fit for a princess
Out on a pitch, practicing volleys
In the study, reciting poetry
A wonderful life filling with memories
But he hides the truth of his misery
He loves a boy, he knows very well
His best friend
Whose in love with a girl
Teenage love can crush a heart
Sometimes feelings get lost
Can a boy love a boy
Any less than a girl loves a girl


hey gang. i used the C word, I hate that word. i know someone else who does too. sorry for that, but it just fit right, πŸ™β€οΈ

12 thoughts on “Inside My Mind ~ ii/v

  1. Lol – it has place and this is a perfect place for it. It’s a wonderful poem and it touched a memory of a long ago friend who lived this very struggle. Love you ❀️

  2. I don’t dislike that word so much. In England, it’s not such a shocking word and I think I’ve read enough erotica that it doesn’t bother me.
    Lovely poem, A. Delving into the mind of someone who wishes he were someone else. Teenage love can indeed crush a heart. It’s all so urgent then, with no perspective.

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