Image Invasion 

A single thought brought on, the dawn of a new light.
From a whisper that turned to a twister.
Boiling boiling, bubbling bubbles.
Temperature rising, crying sweat from fucking.
Dewy flesh sticky and gummy.
With every rub and slide the ride gets slippery.
Hands that travel the distance in a flash, a heavy metal crash.
Slow it down on the curves, watching the sexy, as she serves.
Fuck me for saying, this image invasion is electrifying.
Just like rhythm and blues, up and down beats with wah-wah-wah’s.
Kisses likes ships that sail across the body and.
A tongue that’s a rudder, controlling the flow of water.
Dive into her valley, where the joy of life is created.
Her flowering bloom, ripe for the pickings.
A lick that parts her folds like Moses did to water.
Free the people to live to love in harmony.
The penetration is deep at this exact moment.
Just when the eyes connect, as if looking into a mirror.
The reflection you see is your own identity.
If you fuck up this thing called love.
All you need to do is look in that mirror.
And blame the one you see.


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