Free, Under The Sea

I float above the waves that roll, the wind carries me and I lose control.

Flying high, above the sea, playful creatures below somersault and taunt me.

I dip my head and dive, arms stretched out in front, to pierce the icy surface and thrive.

Air pockets surround, am swarmed by grays’, my lungs begin to burn I fear I’ve drowned.

Am carried up towards the top, breaking through I take my fill to chuff a mighty blow and stop.

My newly formed tail pushes through, water torn I find myself streaming along.

I rise into the air again, a porpoise am reborn.

The ocean vast and clear, frolicking with whistles and clicks, now words to my ear.

With every rise I fly, taking in air to breathe, sleek and shinny my skin gleams, I scream, bonsai!

With my fill of air, I sink below to a world unknown, where I now live free, under the sea.


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