I Sit and Think


I sit and gaze upon my form, in peaceful slumber I transform.
By the light of dawn, that blankets me am drawn.
The stillness of the morn, leaves me silent and forlorn.
Look well to this day, it and it alone may sway.
For all the yesterdays that are now gone, tomorrow is a hope to act on.
I count the breaths I’ve taken, a will I have awaken.
I beg of me, to rise and look within to see.
My heart calls, to the beats echoing off these walls.
Surely I must hear, the trembling fear.
In quiet solitude throughout the night, sat trapped now in gloom’s twilight.
The pain I bare to far gone, am lost withdrawn.
What I see I do not know, for I see nothing now, dare I go.
Leave me be, to sleep carefree.
While I sit and think, I sit and further sink.
Am not alone but am, on an overdose of hell’s deathly gram.
I watch my dreams at play, troubled dreams of a life slipping away.





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