As The Knight Moves

Knight to Bishop three
There he will guard the throne
Left, until time calls

pawns at his mercy
Coming down the middle
Rotating angles in an L

Protecting the wall
That surrounds his King
Lures in a Rook for his Queen to snatch

The Black Bishop attacks
Two moves sets him up
The White Knight fights back

Moves to within 3 of his Queen
The Bishop retreats
To hide like a priest in castle walls

Positions lost by force and sacrifice
To build a plan to rule the land
A barrage upon the holy grail ensues

A King left poorly guarded
Stares as the Knight moves
To one away, from checkmate!


17 thoughts on “As The Knight Moves

  1. Love, love, love this. A right hook of reality with pawns being kept lowercase – as seems to be the way of the game.

      1. thank you – it has so completely opened up my world – it is the way i speak with Mr F – it is how He grows to know me x

        yours is pretty groovy too – might i add. x

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