A half-century disappeared, like the flash of time that is now
Born into poverty and blamed for the cause of despair
The hand, that rocked my cradle, for years wouldn’t care
So much, as to show one ounce, of compassions soft brow

School was a daycare, no one there gave a shit
Notes sent home, unread and tossed in the trash
A verbal reply was enough to know, I was punished
Fuck You, all I said, under my breath, I don’t care one bit

There were a few, I knew, who lived on the streets
Young and old, sort of the same story
Dad’s, Mother’s, Sister’s and Brother’s on a different journey
But safe, was the feeling, where one can be at peace

Violence on every corner, stepping on someone’s turf
Graffiti artists getting high, spraying back alley shooters
Entrepreneurs picking cans and bottles out of dumpsters
Beach bums who found a place, on sand, watching the surf

Mighty lessons were learned along the way
Three men and a boy, is a signal of danger
It set in motion for this cub to hide and wander
A life of solitude near tranquil mountains I stray

A once a day, no more, no less
Tomorrow is tomorrow
Yesterday’s sorrow is over
Yet the pain, still leaves, a mess

A word appeared out of the blue
Came from the sky up above
A moment of knowing love
How birds trust to follow a line, that’s invisibly true

A thought, an idea, it erupts out of nowhere
An inspiration that triggers a spark
It ignites the desire to fire up a joint
Creating a verse to be read and to ensnare

The idea of poetry, that would capture your eyes
Set them ablaze as letters rise and dive
Feeding the thoughts in my head alive
How your individual colours has become my disguise

Emerge, a sonnets love that would embrace
Emerge, a haiku, that splits a sparrow in two
Emerge, a poem, that says I love you
Emerge, a story, of a lions face



18 thoughts on “Emerge

  1. A tear in my eye as I read this. I agree the lion imagery in the beginning and end, add such power to the poem. Filled it with strength and hope. Thanks for sharing a piece of you, with us Antony!

  2. Love this, Antony! The Lion images at the beginning and the end add to the power of the piece. I miss you and hope you are well. ❀️ Cara

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