I’ve, Forgotten Rain 

I have seen the light
I have seen the dark
A switch that turns on, then off
I have felt joy
I have felt pain
A jolt that strikes up, then down

When it’s high, a feeling of bliss
Consumes with every breath
All the wants and desires
To be had, before life expires

In the light, I can see
All that’s around me

In the dark, I still see
All that’s around me

I can feel, everything
Like the wind brushing my face
Cool clear water cleansing my mouth
The smell of hot tar oozing from asphalt
Dogs on a grill in a park near the hills
Dogs running around chasing squirrels up trees
Bark being scratched madly to a barking song
The excitement of children laughing
Triggers the senses to chuckle myself
Laughter, it is contagious, after all
Tears, even these have a purpose
To release the sadness sealed in a heart
Where it bursts, as if stabbed by a knife
May we all prefer the kind that is squeezed
Like a hug from a friend or a lover
Those tears, are cool by me

There is, one other
How does one classify a demon
No one knows
He takes your mind a piece at a time
Slowly playing with emotions
Taking little bits away
Until one day
It’s gone
The memory, a memory, something, anything
The confusion comes in like lightning
It strikes so fast it clears the universe
Even to answer my own question is near impossible
Is that an apple or a pear
More questions come but from others
Their voices appear out of thin air
These people staring at me, why are they staring at me?
Where’s my mother?
Is father home from work?
Things begin to make more sense
The fog lifts
I can see the light and the dark again

By a window sitting, the sun fades
As clouds rolls in
The pattern of sounds hitting the ground
Roofs and windows being rippled
The smell of damp cut grass reminds of another summer
Turning to the sky I can see it coming down
Creating puddles, turning dry dirt into wet
My sweetheart hands me a glass of ice tea with a kiss
And says, oh, it’s raining!

I’ve, forgotten rain



This poem is for Scotty. a friend who is battling the early stages of alzheimers

The reading is a challenge.  Please be gentle 😬  Lady Dajena and Lady EmilyC

27 thoughts on “I’ve, Forgotten Rain 

  1. Oh, love it all…the poem is poignantly profound and beautiful and your reading is, too. Lovely to hear your voice. What a touching tribute…you are a good friend to all, I believe… ❤️

  2. Antony, this blows me away. The words gripped my heart and your reading is outstanding. So beautifully poignant, my CRP ❤️

  3. Ax, the above writing has been written by a close friend. Couldn’t help sharing it with you. Since it’s on the same subject.

  4. The forgotten story.

    There was a story that needed to be told
    It was in a hurry to itself unfold
    Breakfast, dinner, parties and soccer games
    All things important but equally mundane
    Everyday Her story sat at the precipice, biding its time
    And watched other mundane ones unfold a dozen a dime
    Interesting and All-prepared.. Or was it?
    What exactly was, that came between the Beginning and the End?
    The story felt a quiet desperation.. with this nervous realisation
    And one day, She was in a room bustling with a crowd
    She beckoned the story to unfold clear and loud
    The nervous story kept sitting on the precipice with quiet desperation
    That quickly spread over Her too, as beads of perspiration
    They both felt confused as stammers tumbled out and all else refused
    Neither could remember what was to be told
    She and especially Her story, could now only feel, an empty desperate urge – to unfold

      1. My pleasure Ax. Yours moved me. Been meaning to talk to you. This seemed like a good ice breaker. I love your writings.

      2. I’m in New Delhi, India. GMT+5.30. Yes I tend to be persuasive. Not without good reason though. 🙂

      3. Wonderful. Such beautiful people. I work with a few, what I love the most is the humour. so Witty!!

        I’m Canada. Vancouver. I can’t figure out the math +/- or something lol. Hope you’re having a lovely day. Off to read stimuli lol 🙏❤️

      4. Lemme make it easy for you. I’m 12.5 hours ahead of you. 🙂 There you go.

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