Flat up from the bum
His tongue glides along
Swirling meaty flesh thats wet
Fluidy and gooey rosette
Budding little bud poking
Out from below the hood winking
Stiring sensations overwhelming
Heat expands to a swelling
The salty brine is quelling
A potion from a natural being
A womans flower blooming
Her elixir flooding
His thirst quenching
Loins do rise in denims holding
The sweet that meets
Little dabs of treats
To mingle and greet
With a swirl of cream
Hearts beat beat beat
Surging electrical flow
Creeps up slow
Then it hits hits hits
A bodily shudder
That forces her to mutter
Oh you glorious fucker
Yes yes yes
Da da da
Si si si
Oui oui oui
Mon dieu!
As he repeats repeats repeats
She peaks peaks peaks


34 thoughts on “Salty~Sweet

      1. Has it? I wouldn’t know about the weather in New Delhi. I’m in NY and we’re quite cool today πŸ™‚ That’s okay that you missed my comment. I am small and stealthy; I sneak in and comment when no one’s looking πŸ™‚

      2. 1 pm here but it’s supposed to go up to 56 degrees today. I have my sneakers in hand to take advantage of it! Yesterday we almost hit 70. It might have hit that in the city but not quite in the suburbs where I am. Still once the rain ended it was beautiful!

      3. No worries on that score πŸ™‚ I walk 4-6 miles every day no matter the weather πŸ™‚ Yeah NY state is lovely. I need to go back to the mountains and spend some time there. NYC is great to visit. Very glad I live in the ‘burbs where it more affordable!

      4. I do that sometimes, but the train to suburbia stops running sometimes before the event I attended does. On those nights, hello gridlock, hello hefty charge for parking.

      1. Me too. I’ll read one get all hot and bothered then look for another to really get frustrated cause being frustrated a little is no fun. I need to spend the day in agony πŸ€” lol

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