The moment before the intensity grows
Locking eyes, knowing that its coming
Two minds drafting a path
She stays perfectly still and waits
For him to invade her face
Just when breaths meet for the first time
Minglings of oysters and wine
The flesh of rosy lips touch
Saliva that shines, begins to adhere
Pulling apart, the lips stick
Tongues dart out, tip to tip
Swirling to capture and draw back in
For the deepest kiss, there could ever be
It consumes, it holds, it takes every ounce
The entire body releases control
As the brain pays attention to that one little deed
A hand on a breast, massaging a stroke
That glides along the curve to a swollen bud
A pebble of soft delicate flesh
With a tug and squeeze sends shivers up her neck
Pinching the nipple
While kissing





31 thoughts on “Kissing 

      1. Nah, keep ’em coming. You write them so vividly it’s like reading a fantasy. Do continue! (If you want, you should always write what you want after all). I am learning the lyrical power of free verse from you, its master. (You do write free verse right? I am novice in poetry and still feeling my way around in the dark.)

      1. I just read your post and again you never cease to amaze me. The diversity and craftsmanship in the variety of topics and vocabulary you use are nothing short of incredible. I would love to re-blog your post but cannot remember how you feel about re-blogs. If you could let me know that would be amazing. I am humbled by your kindness to me. x

      1. On the contrary, I survived because the fire in me was bigger than the fire around me. 🙂

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