said, a Sage


“there’s time and place for all things; said, a sage”*

A fowl lay basting on a table made of wood
By the glow and warmth of a countryside hearth
Herbs and spices lay chopped fine
Potatoes dancing in a cloud of boiling water
Dandelion leaves washed and dried
In a skillet tossed with baby onions
A loaf of bread over an open fire
Filling this home with a bakers heart
The staple of foods made from grains
That feed every living thing on the planet
A holiday feast named for His grace
To remember the past and to praise His rise
These moments in time are meant to be honoured
Not squandered
The smell of sage invades
As drips of fat sear and ignites flames
Hot red coals bake until ash of grey
Hands held tight, uniting a table
In a prayer led by one voice
In thanks for a life
To rejoice
All men
And women


*The Ghost by Richard Harris Barham 1788 – 1845

thank you to Belinda at BusyMindThinking ~ link here
for the inspiration of Sage.
Friends, please head over to Belindas site if you are not aquainted. a wonderful person and lovely lady.
happy weekend to all 🌾

32 thoughts on “said, a Sage

    1. Thanks again. Btw, I love your name. It’s so cool. Kunal Thakore, sounds like a demi-god from Olympus More of a warrior than prince or god sitting on their ass all day like Zeus haha. Maybe I pissed him off saying that. If I’m around tomorrow, Means Zeus has a sense of humour πŸ™

      Thanks for all the visits and likes, K, really means a lot πŸ™β€οΈ

      1. LOL? Warrior? Price? God? Moi? I’m a lot of things, I’d like to believe but none of those, I’m afraid!!! Cheers! You have a good weekend, and Easter Greetings if you’re celebrating!

      2. I do not celebrate but inside I have a bit of faith. Hopeful. You probably are all those in different ways that come. Does not have to be in battle. It could be from being a decent human being. A good man. Husband. Father. Brother. I think you are all those.

  1. Tee hee, I am listening too, but much add how much I love this post. It’s truly beautiful, Antony…ok, carry on.

  2. Reblogged this on Busy Mind Thinking and commented:
    Antony is such a diverse writer that I find myself astounded by his skills. From erotica, to love stories, to inspirational pieces, each visit to his site yields who knows what, but the consistency is that it is always incredible.

      1. You’re welcome, Antony. I love your work. I sort of get stuck on topics, and am continually amazed by the wide variety of what you can write about. Reblogging was my pleasure. I hope you’re having an incredible day. x

  3. Antony, I just signed back on after spending some time off wp and found this. Your diversity in writing never ceases to amaze me. You took sage and it applied it as a spice and the wisdom of enjoying moments. This is absolutely beautiful. I am very humbled by your kindness in providing a link and in the things you had to say. You’ve really made my day. Thank you. x

      1. Antony just astounds me. I don’t believe there is a topic he cannot approach and convey with anything but sheer eloquence. This post does paint a beautiful canvas. πŸ™‚

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