The One

Is it true, what they say with words
That he would love you, until the moon fades out
That she would too, long after the shine leaves the sun
Promises in words said, over and over
This longing that we all have
Breaking our hearts
Until that day, it happens
It explodes
You can’t stop thinking about, The One
Who crashed into your world
With such a force
The stars realigned in your honor
We all clutch and grab
To get a piece of that pie
To have a taste of the cherry
Baked inside oozing of syrupy love or
Floating on the top of a dollop of a creamy pillow
Whole as a heart in love
Like its the, very first time
A spoon is used to curl up a hunk
The crust and filling tearing apart
As it passes a bank of whipped heaven
A streak that marks the runway to an open mouth
Stroking the pallet and tongue
To savour and taste, The One
Ingesting the Chefs creation
His ingredients that resembles His own
I love you, are the words needed to hear
They are, what the trinity is all about
The divine, they say is of purest heart
The damned, they say is a faithless sort
The link between the two
Is The One


27 thoughts on “The One

  1. I love this! So much hope, you’ve turned a corner. Glad you found her in spirit if not yet in person! ❀️

    1. Thank you Cara. This was more intended to be about The One as ourselves being first. Believing we are as good as The One we search for. It wasn’t clear enough right. Damn I failed. Sorry

      1. You didn’t fail! I read what I wanted.
        What you write is truth. When we put others before us, we create false idols to worship. Maybe that’s what the Ten Commandments meant?!

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