Light to Dark


He smells like melting icecream, bits of sugar sweet candy
He can make the girls lick the drip off his waffle cone
Sends flowers out of the blue, says please and thank you
Momma would be proud of the boy she raised to be a man
His playfulness gets him into trouble, its a boy thing
When a sign says, Do Not Touch, he smiles with a grin
As fingers and hands touch and grab
Looks over the shoulder and smurks with a devilish glance
He’s soft over a girl, don’t all good boys fall in love with a girl
They open doors and pull out chairs
Pay the check, every time
They kiss you sweet, holding your hand
Whisper the same, calling your name
The sound, echoes in your little girl head

Below a skirt with laced trim
She wears latex, black as midnight air
Her ears pick up the sounds, that night calls
Like bells from cathedrals, rattling walls
The dark is where she drops her guard
When a cape and mask dons apparel
An instant disguise to hide their names
Letting go of inhibitions, in shame
Hard to get, is the tease to incite
Driving mad through a wanton night
Desire wins every time
Think of a word and make it rhyme
To explain that love is the same
No matter if its kinky or plain



15 thoughts on “Light to Dark

      1. My hottest writer calling me exquisite! That’s better than the reblog anyday. Ha ! Thank you A. XOXO

      2. Hallucinogenic elixir pressed from berries only grown in the jungle guarded by a ghost-white tiger who sings songs of fantasy-dreams.
        Am I right. Did I guess πŸ˜›

  1. A dash of honey, a pinch of salt, lots of pepper, oodles of lime zest and we are good to go. This was delicious. And on a more personal note, Batman and Catwoman sealed the deal for me.

      1. Not at all! Your writes are a pleasure to read. I openly declared in my recent post that you are the hottest writer i know and that you make me break out in a sweat :). Maybe you didnt get the ping back. But thats all right, now you know πŸ™‚

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