Perfect, As We Are

I want, to write a song
That would blow the clouds away
Let the sun warm the ground were we would lay
To watch the stars appear
Behind a full moons stare

I want, to paint a canvass
Covered in blue on blue
Where the sea meets the sky
Birds playfully dip and dive
And nothing else matters but you and I

I want, to sing with a voice
That would echo feelings of joy
To innocently say, boy oh boy
Gosh, golly gee, isn’t that pretty
Without being labeled a sissy

I want, to build a home with my hands
A place to call my own
Where the door swings open
And guests are always welcome
As simple as sharing a coffee

I want, to live happy with my heart
Writing bits of poetry
Burning the herb slowly
Dreaming of touching
Another persons heart, lovingly

I want, to die by my own accord
Call the shots, before it ends
Forgive and make amends
Perfect, there is no such thing
Unless, we are perfect just as we are


49 thoughts on “Perfect, As We Are

  1. I am crying. You move my heart totally with the power of your magnificent soul, Antony. You are a bright spot in my universe. Love you. Perfect as you are❀️

      1. First of all, I didn’t think I could love you any more and then you go and pull Cat Ballou out of your hat. OMG!!! I must have watched that movie a hundred times when I was young. I loved Jane Fonda and Lee Marvin in that flick.

        And is that your smile in your pocket or are you just happy to see me? Yuk Yuk Yuk

  2. wow… so touching… and full of love, devotion. You are painting such beautiful pictures of two people in love makes me miss the one I love because you wrote it all like you where reading my heart, that’s how I would write for her. thank you 😊🌹

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