Passage Into Heaven

Homeless pedophiles roam
Listening for innocent voices crying
In the darkest of nights alone and frightened
Lured by candy treats
In the form of something to eat
Laced with a magical ride through the stars at night
Leaving behind all that sorrow beholds
Hallucinating dreams of dragon foes
Running scared through chambers black
Beating heart loudly echoes
A child finds arms to hold
Deep in the pit of satans lair
Where the virginity of purity was taken
A sins tale of a life forsaken?
Burning demons screaming
Chilling cheers creeping
With eyes closed releasing all thoughts of life
Tears from heaven began to rain
Cooling the flesh from the burning fire
Angel voices sang of a melody in rhapsody
A babe, in the arms of grace
While being violated
Kissed by Angels lips
Held by Angels eyes
Given by Gods hand
Passage into heaven


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