A One Night Stand ~ a duet

I’m incomplete, still creating a masterpiece
Lady in red, stripping down to garters, stockings and heels
She turns and smiles a sapphire smile
Her eyes light up with a devils glow
Brings a rise between my thighs
Glowing grace to my face
Bare to the bone, she pours oil on my soul…

I’m a masterpiece, still incomplete
Man in black, stalking me like a hound in heat
I turn around, and I see that wicked smile.
I know he is making love to me in his mind
His eyes light up with a knowing glow
He tears me apart as I rip him out
Until only our pieces remain on the floor…

Impact, colliding trains force a shake
Head to head engines on the same track
Pushing forward, giving ground
Screeching moans lubed up pistons pound
Whistles blowing, steam rising
Hands and mouths exploring
Drinking in wine fermented in carnal sin…

Collision inevitable, impact undeniable
head to toe, tongues seeking searching
Hands berserk, shadows screaming
Sticky fingers, dripping with desire
Whistles loud, steam burning
Shaking every pore, every fiber
Drinking the elixir from the well of pure sin…

Locking limbs, loins afire
Swollen angel full to ire
Melting flesh that burns so much
The feel of such from lustful touch
To have you now, fill your hole
The urge to invade whole
Muscles flex with every thrust given…

your hunger to eat me alive
The beast in you survived
I ain’t no angel you see
So have your way with me
My urge to take you whole
Inside this throbbing core
Come now, let’s release…

A moment like this is to savour
The flavour fusing juices
A final taste of a one night stand
Mouth to your back your ass in my hand
Rimming your cocoa dollop
Lapping, watching your eyes light up
The sweetness of fine creamy chocolate…

Savour me all you can, boy
Take out your kinkiest toy
I’ll show ya my unseen porn
One night stand, daylight I’ll be gone
But, don’t you stop yet, I’m not done
Get honking with that horn
Let’s hear you scream, bring it on…

Forced to wall with a bite to your neck
Sidestep your legs and spread your cheeks
This will be one to remember
As my weapon attacks, your body surrenders
Bulbous head, blooms through petals pouch
A surge that implodes two sides of the globe
Screams of “eat me” said in words like these…

Holler up, Honker down
Raging boner in my glistening crown
Slide it in, slide it out
Bruise my lips, swell my pout
Harder you go, deeper I take
Lemme show show ya, I don’t fake
Surrender to me, let’s not stop….

A stallions stride, fist full of your flowing mane
Bucking crazy, sweat dripping insane
Squirting gushing, puddles flooding
Sweet Madame Blue, begging
Revving engines humming deep in the red
The needle scorching past 200
The whiz from the wind has them howling…

Musky mustang, striding stallion
Running free, running wild, potent passion
Irresistible pulchritude locked in heat
Hormones rushing, head to feet
Acidic Sire Red, Begging release after release
Shoving harder, Sweet Madame Blue, to please
Supernova explosion, dead drop, essence fuse……

written by Nandita & Ax

I have heard that the spices from India are the best in the world. I have had the pleasure of sampling those spices in the form of a poetess that glows by the name Manan Unleashed but to us all she is Lady Nandita. A seductress who uses words to seduce mind, body and soul. If by chance you do not know Dita. Make your way over and explore this ladys mastery of the exotic kind. Link Here To Blog

thank you for a wild ride. this one tired me out. your approach is breathtaking how easily your words flow. magical is all I can say. thank you again for this gift to share a page 🙏❤️

16 thoughts on “A One Night Stand ~ a duet

  1. Damn. The two of you wore me out. I think I need a cigarette and a nap, and I don’t even smoke. Whew.

      1. I am cracking up over here. Glad it was so very enjoyable for the both of you, and we get to enjoy the spoils of your labor.

  2. Oh My God! Ax, such lovely words for me. Thank you so much for making a seductress out of me. This was absolutely thrilling. 🙂

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