A Sorrow, On The Winds, Rein In

An eagle soared over the ocean
The sun beaming on his alabaster crown
Wings spread wide in a glide with tips splayed
Circling the ground below for a final serenade
A squawk heard and repeated over and over
Spirit clouds descend as a single spirit rises higher
Light of the Son, embrace this kind soul
Into the bosom of your fold
A passage from here to there
Loved by a heart with care
Left behind with tears that rain
A sorrow, on the winds, rein in
Bright is the beacon light shining
That is the gaze from eyes crying
A twirling, spiralling feather white to black tip
Falls and sways, as the breeze delivers it
To land at the foot of your heart
A reminder that bodies may, but love, will never part

Dedicated to my friend and countryman Joseph at The Spirit Keepers

21 thoughts on “A Sorrow, On The Winds, Rein In

  1. very touching, lovable and sad….his spirit will ascend in heaven but left a heart with so much love! I can sense, you’re still hurting inside. Time will heal the pain. Prayers will help. From your words, Be Well, Jo!

  2. oh my, what a poem. It starts as a beautiful image and then becomes a beautiful prayer. What a lovely soul you must have, my friend. I am truly touched by this.

  3. Thank you Ax this poem is so beautiful and heart wrenching. You know how to fill an ocean with tears. I will treasure it til the day I die and then I will take my flight to join him Be well my friend thank you for bringing such beauty into trying times.

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