Long, short, straight or curly
Colours going light to dark
It covers practically every inch of the body
Fine blond, makes it seem like nothing’s there
Gorillas in the mist, they don’t care how much hair
Soft and coarse when long, prickly when short
A kiss on the cheek leaves a tiny red rash
Lashes, we all wish for wishes of the longest
But please those brows, split that uni
Legs rubbing legs being tickled by his
Hers when their stubbly, must be ignored
How many styles have come and gone
How many tubes of something that’s new and hot
Apply, rinse, apply and rinse
Slicked back or shaggy look
Coifed up, braided down
So many shades, tips frosted blue
Mmmm, heavens patch of grass
Surrounds the sex of man or woman
Back in the day no one shaved down below
Wax was used on cars to make it shine
Now, it’s the Brazilian look that’s fine
Soft as a baby’s bottom and slick
When aroused it glistens pink
Trimmed down to a landing strip
Edges shaped to look like a heart
Once saw one that sprouted like a fountain
The sexiest ones are bushy up front
But as it rounds below to the rear, it fades
To the flesh, as legs spread wide to accept the blade
A millennium, always the same
Until one day, a man showed up like sheared sheep
Razor glide across the skin, hard by the friction given
The scariest moments are when the balls are being shaven
Twitching little suckers, screaming, What The Fuck!
Statistics say, 48% of women prefer a bald cock!


41 thoughts on “Hair

  1. I had no idea there was so much to be said about hair. Where do you get your inspiration from? this was one hell of a rollercoaster ride and an eye opener of no mistake! 🙂

    1. I have an active imagination that looks beyond what I see to what I don’t see but feel. In some cases. How I would feel if I could see it clear as day. Haha

      Thank you for kind comment Melinda. 🙏❤️

  2. Blue tips? I was planning to go with funky red or deep purple at my next salon trip, lol. 48% that’s it? I’d think it’d be higher…manscaping is good! Fun read.

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