With every breath of love comes a pain

Pain that is begged for, from birth
The first breath, it made us cry
A beating heart no longer connected to mother
Blinding lights, everything white
Is that the sky?
Colours have not appeared, shadows are what we see
The definition clears, as we begin to feel

Pain from breathing the air of life and decay
The first smell, it made us wonder
What could it be?
Those that give a pleasant odour
Something sweet and sour
Like the scent of birth, death has its own
The in-between is where we taste and learn

Pain from craving the tongues desire
Lick, sample, devour
Those we fight to keep away ingesting
Those we fight to keep our bellies filling
Knowing, so many are left hungry
How is that possible?
A world of flapping tongues instead of working hands

Pain when sound fills our space of mind
Noises echoing soft and loud
Listening like a drifting cloud
Absorbing everything invading
Deciphering the difference between lies and truths
Sighing, at the sound of a voice, longing
To hear the words that would induce action

Pain that buckles knees shooting through the body
Love at first sight, saying goodbye
A start, an end, it’s inevitable
Touch of life, cold and hot
Nothing is finer than a lovers bod!
Don’t you agree?
To feel what we see, smell, taste, hear and touch


15 thoughts on “Feel

  1. Really a feast for all the senses and feelings of the circle of life…I think you tapped into it all here. Brilliant.

  2. “Knowing, so many are left hungry
    How is that possible?
    A world of flapping tongues instead of working hands” I wonder this all the time though the more financial woes heap upon me, the more I begin to understand how this happens. It’s scary how close to the edge we live. One push, one misstep and we fall on pavement, alone, bleeding, with nowhere to go, no dollar to our name. Peace and blessings be upon you my friend, may they quiet your soul.

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