The Rose In My Heart

For years, buried deep inside
It bloomed once in its life
The events that transpired
Cracking the bud as is sprouted
Tiny petals, wound so tight it glowed red
At first sight, it stretched to open wide
Blossoming full to its peaking bliss
The sound of your voice, an angels kiss
Leaving drops of dew on my curling lips
Dizzy in the head, hallucinating trips
Sweetest sound of a southern bird
With the graceful sway of a northern cat
Rip apart the cage that holds
Reaching in for the rose in my heart
Pulling it out, it shed tears
The stem that kept it alive now severed
Air chilled, as your breath escapes
A trail of mist, drapes
The echo of words heard drained the colour
Like death, it turned black as the midnight hour
My thorns curled and withered
In your hand, it bleeds out hindered


7 thoughts on “The Rose In My Heart

  1. lots of raw pain in this beautiful write and also betrayal and a loss of hope. I thought at first the rose symbolized love but by the end of the poem, it reads more like it symbolizes hope.

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