We Three Wet Birds ~ A Trio by Em, VictoryInTrouble, & Wet Bliss

A Must Reblog…
I’ve been waiting for the right time. I wanted to reblog soon after Emily published but knew Vic and Wetbliss still hadn’t, so out of respect I waited like a good pimp-daddy-yo should.

Ladies of the Sky, exquisitely written.

Please friends. Go directly to their sites and indulge in poetic harmony. Especially if you haven’t been yet, it’s a treat as sweet as candy and decadent as creme brûlée

Poet Girl Em

The church bell tolls three o’clock, high above the sleepy farm
We find our perfect picnic spot, a rolling carpet of virgin daisies
Our three boys off finding fish to fry – sighing, we three lying down
Warmed by sumptuous sunshine gold, our skin grazing, heat rising,
Sucking strawberries ripened red, sweetly dripping down our chins

Under the afternoon sun, halter tops come undone to catch even rays,
Banana Boat lotion rubbed in turns, across shoulders by skillful thumbs
Girls gossiping about their missed boys and fondness for naughty toys
Feeling carefree and close, she rises to her knees cupping her strawberry peaks
Beckoning us both to come sample breasts so perfect and ample

Giggling shyly as fingers explore, soft berry kisses we bestow
Tongues darting to catch dripping juices, red stained lips brush throats
My mouth dips further to suckle the delicate skin atop her clavicle
Sun-drenched, we three…

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10 thoughts on “We Three Wet Birds ~ A Trio by Em, VictoryInTrouble, & Wet Bliss

    1. my pleasure M’Bliss. Gots to promote my girls. Hmmm, I might expand. Maybe a show. The Word. I’ll have black turning chairs for the blind readings. Three judges would be Bukowski Plath and Wilde
      I of course will be the host and the prize…

      Half day pass at WallyWorld only good between Monday and Thursday.
      What do you think? Will it Fly?

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